poiz-aboutPoiz & FoodStyle represents Cláudio Cardoso’s creativity and passion in food. Through many years of studying and travelling, the many people and cultures encountered have inspired for his own vision on food. After completing a degree at the Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotel Studies in Estoril, Portugal, the involvement in different projects made goals, culinary lines very clear and which path to follow. At the age of 32, most of the professional career was spent in 5* Hotels and top upmarket restaurants around the world with well-known Chefs de Cuisine, that helped towards developing skills and perfecting new techniques. The challenge is alive and well, using advanced culinary techniques, an aggressive and progressive style at the highest level with a touch of Japanese inspiration.

Nowadays Cláudio Cardoso is the Executive Chef of Sushi Samba London, representing the Nikkei style food culture, in a fast pace restaurant, chic and high end with amazing views of the city.

My Design Philosophy
Every creation has been done by taking into consideration art. Nature brings into the creations and culinary experiences that I want people to have, the colours, forms, smells which surround us on a daily basis, we just need to be receptive to them. My design philosophy is based on what nature has to offer, be it winter, spring, summer or fall.

My Inspiration
Inspiration has always been in People and their Cultures. Without them a Chef’s work could not be as successful and complete. Products and their ever changing innovations, create an everlasting challenge towards the search for new creations and ideas. Walking through markets, experiencing the aromas and colours, brings a new sense to all my visions.

My Materials
The freshness of every product in a kitchen is essential while working with local producers and understanding their ways of creating such unique produce is the goal for the best result. New culinary elements, some molecular cuisine but never forgetting the origins.